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Author of From Supervisor to Super Leader

Want to build high-performing teams?

From Supervisor to Super Leader

How to Break Free from Stress and Build a Thriving Team That Gets Results

Build a high-performing team that enjoys a high level of trust… and loves showing up for work; achieves extraordinary results; and consistently meets deadlines and goals.

Shanda's first book, From Supervisor to Super Leader gained over 600 ratings and over 15,000 copies have been sold.

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About Shanda K. Miller

World Traveler

Public Servant

Best Selling Author

New Grandmother

Shanda K. Miller is a champion for personal and professional development and loves to coach others and help them reach their dreams. Her leadership purpose is to inspire and guide others to live their version of an extraordinary life.

From living in a school bus in her 20s to achieving financial freedom in her 40s, Shanda has always sought to live life with intention and purpose.

Shanda worked in the fields of Environmental Science and Government Performance Auditing where she gained 20 years’ experience leading teams.

In 2007, Shanda purchased her first rental property and discovered how passive income could be her ticket to retiring early. Financial freedom from rental income gave Shanda the freedom of time to pursue her passions full time.

Shanda enjoys reading, writing, and considers herself a lifelong learner. She also loves wilderness backpacking, hiking, traveling overseas or in Nugget, her Class B RV. When not traveling, Shanda and her husband, Kent, live in a tiny home in Eugene, Oregon.

What people are saying

Mary Henry Cameron, CPA, MBA, CFE

“Shanda has made an important contribution to supervisors and their team members. She delivers her message in a very practical and understandable way.”

Danaan O’Donnell-Davidson, Human Resources Specialist at 4J School District

“I’ve worked with Shanda and she practiced the leadership skills she now teaches. Shanda is passionate about team performance and it shows.”

Julie Pearson-Ruthven, HICC, Compass Consulting

“As an executive coach with 30+ years of leadership experience, I am impressed with Shanda’s teachings. She touches on the key knowledge any leader must have.”

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